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  1. Information on parties

    • Information on our party packages is posted on the website in the Parties menu. We offer public skate party packages such as: small party for 5 people, a standard and deluxe party for 10 people, and a mega party for 35 people. We offer a couple of more private party options: a semi-private for 3-5 people and a private for 50 people. Pricing ranges between $80 and $400 based on the size of your party. Please call our office at 636-441-2530 to discuss which party works best for you and available dates. We look forward to helping you plan a fun and memorable party experience.

  2. Please send me info on birthday parties

    • I sent an email with our flyer and a link to our parties page. You may also call our office at 636-441-2530. We look forward to helping you to plan a fun party soon.


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