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Regular Skate Times

First Friday Public Skate, 1pm – 4pm  •  First Friday of the month
$6.00 Admission, $2.00 Skate Rental

Friday, 7pm – 10:30pm
$6.00 Admission, $2.00 Skate Rental

Saturday, 9:15am – 10am
$6.00 Lesson, $2.00 Skate Rental

Saturday, 10am – 4:45pm
$6.00 Admission, $2.00 Skate Rental

Saturday, 7:30pm – 10pm
$6.00 Admission, $2.00 Skate Rental

Saturday Adult Night, Public Skate, 10:30pm – 1am  •  First Saturday of the month
$10.00 Admission, Skate Rental Included

Sunday, 11:45am – 12:30pm
$6.00 Lesson, $2.00 Skate Rental

Sunday, 12:30pm – 5pm
$6.00 Admission, $2.00 Skate Rental

NOTE:  Non-Skating Adults are not required to pay Admission

Special Schedule Dates:


  • Monday – Friday 1pm to 4pm
  • NOW through August 11
  • CLOSED Memorial Day, May 29


InLine Hockey Camp

  • Mon-Fri, July 17 – 21 from 9am to 11am


Adult Skate Night

  • Saturday, July 8 from 10:30pm to 1am
  • Continues, First Saturday of every Month

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  1. Do you guys have special summer hours or skate events?

    • We sure do! We offer our Summer Skate every summer. It is weekdays, Monday through Friday 1pm to 4pm, beginning Monday, May 22 and it goes through Friday, August 11. We hope you can join us this summer!

  2. If A few of my friends come in on a friday for public skate would we be able to bring in a cake? Even if we paid extra to get it in? We don’t need a reserved table or anything.

  3. I love this place been going here every Friday and Saturday for the past year never got bored super fun I encourage u to come check it out 😀

  4. Thank you. We are excited about Adult Skate Night too! It should be a lot of fun for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there.

  5. Sean Linton says:

    Love your place! I brought my son out there twice this week and he had a ball. Very nice staff and priced right.

  6. Can toddlers skate ? What is the smallest size skates you have ?

    • Our smallest boot quad skate is a size 8. However, we also have adjustable skates that are worn over their shoes for toddlers that are a smaller foot size. Generally, if they can walk, they can learn to skate. Bring your toddler by and see how they do. We also offer skate lessons on Saturdays 9:15am to 1am and Sundays 11:45am to 12:30pm.

  7. When is the next lock in you guys will have

    • Ellie,
      Thank you for inquiring about a Lock In Event at Great Skate. We have not had one in a couple years. Your inquiry has started our creative wheels and we’re going to look into planning one for late summer; maybe a “Back To School” or “End of Summer” Lock-In event. Thank you for reminding us how fun these events are. Watch our Facebook or website for event information or request to be added to our email newsletter distribution so you’ll get the news first. We hope to see you at the rink soon.

  8. Laura Evans says:

    Hi! My Daughter is interested in the learn to play Roller Hockey Program. Will you be having any other sessions this summer?
    Laura Evans

    • We have one week of InLine Roller Hockey camp this summer. It is the week of June 20 – June 24. We hope your daughter can join us.

  9. Amy Connor says:

    Is admission the same price for kids 6 yrs or younger if they want to skate? If they don’t skate do they still pay admission?

  10. Are you open this wed, Thurs or Friday with school being out in st. Charles country?

    • We will begin our Summer Skate on Tuesday, May 24. Summer Skate will then be Monday through Friday from 1-4pm each day. Admission is $6 and Skate Rental is $2. We are not open for afternoon skating Wed, May 18 – Friday, May 20. There are still schools in St. Charles County in session and some are having private events here as End of Year Parties. We look forward to your visits this summer. See you soon.

  11. How big is the floor? Is it wood? Do you have an evening adult skate?

    • We have a standard sized floor; it is wood coated with epoxy. Although we do not currently offer an “Adult Skate” night, we are looking into the possibility this summer.

  12. Do adults have to pay admission if we are not skating? Thank you.

  13. Hello, this is just a question. Me and a couple of friends, driven by my dad (who will not be skating) will be attensing on Sunday.We dont want to train, so we could come at after 12:30, and it would be $8 for each of me and my 2 friends?

    • Jasmine,
      You are correct. You do not need to attend the Skate Lessons Sunday morning to skate that afternoon at the 12:30pm Open Skate Session. Admission is $6 and Skate Rental is $2. If you have your own skates, you may bring them.

  14. Kristen Landman says:

    Is there any open skate times Monday-Thursday?

    • Our normal Skate hours are Friday 7-10:30pm, Saturday 10am to 4:45pm and 7:30-10pm and Sunday 12:30-5pm.
      The first Friday of every month, we offer a First Friday Skate from 1-4pm.
      We also offer special skate dates; generally 1-4pm. These are for Summer Break, Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break or for Holidays.
      Our Summer Break Skate begins Tuesday, May 24 and will run Monday through Friday each week to August 12.
      We hope you can join us for some skating fun in the near future.

  15. Janis Richars says:

    Are roller blades an option for rental during open skate?

  16. Just want to make sure I’m reading this right. Monday March 28 from 1-4 you have labeled as Spring Break Skate. Does that mean Open Skate? For anyone? and it’s $6 admission/ person, $2 skate rental/person and how much for those white things that help kids learn to skate?

    • Gina, I am sorry for the delayed response. Spring Break Skate is Open Skate, open for the public. We also have a Frist Friday Skate, the first Friday of every month from 1pm to 4pm; it too is Open to the public. Finally, we will begin our Summer Break Skate on May 24. Those will be Tuesday through Friday 1pm to 4pm each day through August 5. Summer Break Skate is also Open to the public.
      We do offer Skate Trainers to help with balance. Skate Trainers are $2 to rent.
      We hope you are able to join us again in the near future. Thank you for visiting.


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