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Regular Skate Times

Friday, 7pm – 10:00pm
$9.00 Admission, Includes Skate Rental (bring your own skates, get $2 off)

Saturday, 9:15am – 10am
$6.00 Lesson, $3.00 Skate Rental

Saturday, 10am – 4:45pm
$6.00 Admission, $3.00 Skate Rental

Saturday, 7:30pm – 10pm
$6.00 Admission, $3.00 Skate Rental

Saturday Adult Night, Public Skate, 10:30pm – 1am  •  First Saturday of the month
$10.00 Admission, Skate Rental Included

Sunday, 11:45am – 12:30pm
$6.00 Lesson, 3.00 Skate Rental

Sunday, 12:30pm – 5pm
$6.00 Admission, $3.00 Skate Rental

NOTE:  Non-Skating Adults are not required to pay Admission

Special Schedule Dates:

Adult Skate Night – Save the Date!

Saturday, June 1st
Event Theme: “Life’s a Beach!”
$10 Admission / Includes Skate Rental
10:30pm to 1am
Ages 21+ Only
Table reservation available for $25. Includes:
One reserved table with tablecloth
DJ shout-out
Allows you to bring in a cake

Summer Break Skate Dates

  • Begin Wednesday, May 29th
  • Wednesdays-Fridays
  • 12:00-3:00pm
  • $6 admission / $3 skate rental
  • Daycares: Please call ahead to schedule your visit.

Great Skate will be CLOSED on Sunday, June 16th in observance of Father’s Day.

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  1. Do you let kids use trainers during open skate on Saturday and can adults walk on the floor to help kids without skates on?

    • Hi Annie,
      The kids are allowed to use trainers during open skate, the cost is $3.00. We do not allow people to walk on the rink so we encourage renting the skate trainers and attending our skate lessons. After the Saturday 9:15a-10:00a and Sunday 11:45a-12:30p lessons, you are allowed to stay without repaying in order to practice what you just learned. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email. Thank you.

  2. Can you bring your own inline skates and skate with inlines or do you have to use roller skates? I only know how to inline skate

    • Hello Grace. Yes, you may bring your own inline skates to Great Skate. We also have inline skates available to rent at the rink, and the price of skate rental is the same ($3) for both quads and inlines. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Haley Johnson says:

    Do you guys have lock ins and if so where are you located

  4. Will you be doing any other Adult skate events. We can not make the 5th but LOVE this idea.

  5. Da’Mya White says:

    Is it a $9.00 admission on a Saturday from 1-4?

    • Saturday Open Skate hours are 10am to 4:45pm and 7:30pm to 10pm. Admission is $6 and Skate Rental is $3 or you may bring your own skates. Non-skaters are free.

      Saturday night, November 3, we had an Adult Skate. Admission for everyone was $10 and included skate rental if they were skating.

  6. Kristin Nobus says:

    How much is it for a 1 1/2 year old to skate or is it the same price?

    • For children ages 3 and under, we only charge for the skate rental, not the admission. Skate rental is $3. We offer both regular toddler-sized skates, as well as the kind that go over the shoes. We hope to see you around the rink soon with your little one!

  7. Isabel Skaggs says:

    Hello! What is the smaller size skates you have in children’s?

    • Isabel,
      We have skates for children as young as 2 years old. We offer toddler size skates and some adjustable strap-on skates that fit onto their shoes. You’re never too young to learn to skate. If they can stand and walk, the could learn to skate. It’s actually a great time as they’re still used to adjusting their balance and falling on occasion. Learning to skate is not as scary. We hope you and your little one can join us soon.

  8. Brookelynn says:

    How much is admission + skate rental for summer skating from 1-4?

    • Brookelynn,

      Summer Skate is Monday through Friday from 1pm to 4pm beginning Tuesday, May 22 and ending Friday, August 10, 2018. Admission is $6 and Skate Rental is $3. We hope you can join us this summer.

  9. Amanda Stewart says:

    What are your open skate hours for Saturday, May 26, 2018?

    • Our Saturday Skate Hours are 10am to 4:45pm and 7:30pm to 10pm every Saturday. We also offer Skate Lessons on Saturday mornings 9:15am to 10am.
      Don’t forget that our Summer Skate begins on Tuesday, May 22. Summer skate runs weekdays 1pm to 4pm, Monday through Friday, May 22 to Aug 10.


    Thank you for posting President day and spring break hours well in advance. We appreciate that!

  11. What kind of music is played during adult night? Just wondering if hip hop music is played.

  12. Jessica Kessel says:

    Hi. We miss the homeschool skate first Fridays. Can you offer something like that again? Especially during the winter months.

  13. I have a question… why is adult night for ages 21 and up? You become an adult when you’re 18 so how come not then?

  14. Heather J Holladay says:

    Can you tell me where your located?

    • Heather, Great Skate is located in St. Peters, Missouri. Our address is 130 Boone Hills Dr. If you are familiar with St. Peters main roads, Boone Hills Dr. runs between Jungermann Rd and Spencer Rd. We are closer to the Spencer Rd end.
      I hope this is helpful and that you can come roll in the fun with us sometime soon.

  15. Hi! Do you have any open skate available to the public Friday, 9/22? Francis Howell dist. is off school, so was just wondering. Thanks!

    • I’m sorry, I was out of the office over the weekend an just not received this message. We did not offer a day time Open Skate on Friday, Sept. 22. Thank you for asking, generally if 2 or more school districts are off, we try to offer an open skate. When we do, we post it on Facebook and our website. We also send an email to those on our newsletter list. Would you like to be added to that list so you too can get updates on those pop-up open skate dates?

  16. I recently was at great skate ( don’t think there great) and I had gotten kicked out because I said shot and they thought I said the s word and ya. Do you know how many times they can kick you out before being banned

    • Erin, we try to keep a fun yet respectful environment at Great Skate so everyone can have fun. The best advise we can offer is to watch what you say and to use positive, respectful language and you will not be kicked out. The number of times you can be kicked out before being banned from Great Skate is dependent on the reason you were kicked out. Severe occurrences will result in immediate expulsion; those individuals are never allowed to return.
      We hope that you and your friends will continue to enjoy fun times together at Great Skate and actively help us to maintain a fun, respectful environment for all our guests. See you around the rink soon.

  17. Renee Duvenick says:

    2 questions 1. Friday night tween night-what janra of music do you play?
    2. After paying for lesson cam kids continue to skate?

    • Great questions Renee!
      1. Friday night is Tween Night. Music and games are geared to kids ages 10 – 15 year of age. So we play music most appealing to that age group and take requests as well.
      2. Participants of our Saturday and Sunday morning Skate Lessons may stay for the first Open Session of the day for free.
      I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact our office at 636-441-2530 for further information about Great Skate, our sessions or policies. We look forward to seeing you around the rink soon.

  18. G Jarrett says:

    So, i guess my question is odd but, why do you have to be 21 and up to enter during adult skate night? I mean do you guys serve or allow alcohol or something? I’ve never been there before… I guess what im getting at is 21 implies that there will be alcohol and I would feel more comfortable being around in a public place with a good steady supply… lol. people make me nervous.

    • Our Adult Skate Night is held once a month and is designed for Adults only; ages 21 and over. The music selection and skate flow are geared toward adults. In addition, we do have a bar that serves alcohol during Adult Skate Nights. Therefore attendees are required to show ID at the door and must be 21 or over.

  19. I’m interested in having my 30th bday here for the adult skate night on the 5th… some family will be coming and want to be there earlier then 1030. I would also like to start earlier then that. Can people show up earlier and start skating and still stay for the adult skate 21 and up ?

    • Thank you for inquiring about how our Adult Skate Night works. Our skate session from 7:30 to 10pm is our Family Night and is a separate session from Adult Skate Night which is for 21 and over only. To ensure the safety and security of all and allow time for our staff to transition the rink between sessions, we require all guests to exit following the Family Night skate. They may re-enter, with paid admission and ID verification for the Adult Skate Night no earlier than 10:15pm. The only way to have your party carry over through both sessions would be to purchase a party package during the Family Night session and then exit and re-enter, paying the Adult Skate Night admission when re-entering.
      If you plan to have a party during our Adult Skate Night, I recommend reserving a table for $25. That ensures that you get a table, we will cover your table with a party table cloth and place a reserved sign on the table. Reserving a table for your party also allows you to bring a cake for your party. Not other outside food is permitted. If you’d like to reserve a party table for our Adult Skate Night, please call our office at 636-441-2530.

  20. Do you guys have special summer hours or skate events?

    • We sure do! We offer our Summer Skate every summer. It is weekdays, Monday through Friday 1pm to 4pm, beginning Monday, May 22 and it goes through Friday, August 11. We hope you can join us this summer!

  21. If A few of my friends come in on a friday for public skate would we be able to bring in a cake? Even if we paid extra to get it in? We don’t need a reserved table or anything.

  22. I love this place been going here every Friday and Saturday for the past year never got bored super fun I encourage u to come check it out 😀

  23. Thank you. We are excited about Adult Skate Night too! It should be a lot of fun for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there.

  24. Sean Linton says:

    Love your place! I brought my son out there twice this week and he had a ball. Very nice staff and priced right.

  25. Can toddlers skate ? What is the smallest size skates you have ?

    • Our smallest boot quad skate is a size 8. However, we also have adjustable skates that are worn over their shoes for toddlers that are a smaller foot size. Generally, if they can walk, they can learn to skate. Bring your toddler by and see how they do. We also offer skate lessons on Saturdays 9:15am to 10am and Sundays 11:45am to 12:30pm.

  26. When is the next lock in you guys will have

    • Ellie,
      Thank you for inquiring about a Lock In Event at Great Skate. We have not had one in a couple years. Your inquiry has started our creative wheels and we’re going to look into planning one for late summer; maybe a “Back To School” or “End of Summer” Lock-In event. Thank you for reminding us how fun these events are. Watch our Facebook or website for event information or request to be added to our email newsletter distribution so you’ll get the news first. We hope to see you at the rink soon.

  27. Laura Evans says:

    Hi! My Daughter is interested in the learn to play Roller Hockey Program. Will you be having any other sessions this summer?
    Laura Evans

    • We have one week of InLine Roller Hockey camp this summer. It is the week of June 20 – June 24. We hope your daughter can join us.

  28. Amy Connor says:

    Is admission the same price for kids 6 yrs or younger if they want to skate? If they don’t skate do they still pay admission?

  29. Are you open this wed, Thurs or Friday with school being out in st. Charles country?

    • We will begin our Summer Skate on Tuesday, May 24. Summer Skate will then be Monday through Friday from 1-4pm each day. Admission is $6 and Skate Rental is $2. We are not open for afternoon skating Wed, May 18 – Friday, May 20. There are still schools in St. Charles County in session and some are having private events here as End of Year Parties. We look forward to your visits this summer. See you soon.

  30. How big is the floor? Is it wood? Do you have an evening adult skate?

    • We have a standard sized floor; it is wood coated with epoxy. Although we do not currently offer an “Adult Skate” night, we are looking into the possibility this summer.

  31. Do adults have to pay admission if we are not skating? Thank you.

  32. Hello, this is just a question. Me and a couple of friends, driven by my dad (who will not be skating) will be attensing on Sunday.We dont want to train, so we could come at after 12:30, and it would be $8 for each of me and my 2 friends?

    • Jasmine,
      You are correct. You do not need to attend the Skate Lessons Sunday morning to skate that afternoon at the 12:30pm Open Skate Session. Admission is $6 and Skate Rental is $2. If you have your own skates, you may bring them.

  33. Kristen Landman says:

    Is there any open skate times Monday-Thursday?

    • Our normal Skate hours are Friday 7-10:30pm, Saturday 10am to 4:45pm and 7:30-10pm and Sunday 12:30-5pm.
      The first Friday of every month, we offer a First Friday Skate from 1-4pm.
      We also offer special skate dates; generally 1-4pm. These are for Summer Break, Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break or for Holidays.
      Our Summer Break Skate begins Tuesday, May 24 and will run Monday through Friday each week to August 12.
      We hope you can join us for some skating fun in the near future.

  34. Janis Richars says:

    Are roller blades an option for rental during open skate?

  35. Just want to make sure I’m reading this right. Monday March 28 from 1-4 you have labeled as Spring Break Skate. Does that mean Open Skate? For anyone? and it’s $6 admission/ person, $2 skate rental/person and how much for those white things that help kids learn to skate?

    • Gina, I am sorry for the delayed response. Spring Break Skate is Open Skate, open for the public. We also have a Frist Friday Skate, the first Friday of every month from 1pm to 4pm; it too is Open to the public. Finally, we will begin our Summer Break Skate on May 24. Those will be Tuesday through Friday 1pm to 4pm each day through August 5. Summer Break Skate is also Open to the public.
      We do offer Skate Trainers to help with balance. Skate Trainers are $2 to rent.
      We hope you are able to join us again in the near future. Thank you for visiting.


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