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Skate Lessons 1

Great Skate offers lessons for all ages:

Each Lesson is 45 minutes

  • Saturday 9:15 am to 10:00 amSkate Lessons 3
  • Sunday 11:45 am to 12:30 pm

$6.00 per skate lesson
$2.00 skate rental (or bring your own skates)

  • No Reservations Required.
  • Stay for our Open Skate session for free, no additional admission or skate rental. Practice what you learned.  Open Skate session begins immediately after skate lessons: 10am on Saturday and 12:30pm on Sunday.

Skate lessons 6Learn how to:

Stand and balance on skates

Fall down and get up properly

Start and stop properlySkate Lessons 5

Skate forward and backward

Turn around


Need Skates or Equipment?

We have more than 20 years of experience in skating and can help you find the skates you want.
We can build a pair to suit you as well.
We have a variety of skates:   IMG_6526
  • Beginner Skates
  • InLine Skates
  • Traditional High Top Skates
  • Speed Skates
  • Roller Hockey Skates
  • Roller Derby Skates
  • Dance and Figure Skates
We also sell accessories:
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Laces
  • Boot Covers
  • Equipment bags or tools
We have some items in stock, but most will have to be ordered.  Ordering is easy!  Just pick what you want.
We can place your order for you.  Delivery is generally 2 – 3 days.
Come in and check out our catalog or visit www.seskate.com.
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  1. I am 36 years old and from a different culture and country. I have never skate in my life, if i can remember. I want to begin my skate lessons and master it. Is that possible?

    • We offer group skate lessons every Saturday and Sunday morning. Saturdays begin at 9:15am and Sundays begin at 11:45am. The lessons are $6 for a 45 minute lesson. They take students from the very basic skills to more advanced skills. Participants move through levels of small groups based on their personal development. We begin with starting and stopping, falling without getting hurt and then getting up again. We then move to skating backward, scissors and cross over skating.

  2. What is the minimum age? Do you have toddler skates? My daughter is 3 and Im considering bringing a small group of friends to a session. Yay or nay?

    • It’s never too early to learn to skate. If they can walk, they can skate. Younger children actually learn easier. They have less fear of falling. We have skates for toddlers, some are actual skates, some are plastic skates that attach to their shoes.
      We do offer skate lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This is a great time to learn to skate. We divide participants by skill and teach from the basics up: start, stop, fall safely, getting up, backward skate. Then more advanced moves: Cannon Ball, Cross Overs, Scissors, etc.

  3. Hi I am a older person near 50th year of age and I bought a
    Groupon to learn how to stop and backward skate. I just need some help with that along with some practice to use my legs perhaps to skate better.

    • It’s always a great time to learn to skate. Congratulations on purchasing our skate lessons through Groupon. You may bring your voucher to our ticket window any Saturday or Sunday morning for our group lessons. Once you are here, you will be placed with a small group based on your skate skill level and what you need to learn (people of all ages are in each group). The lesson is 45 minutes. Lesson participants are invited to stay for our first Open Skate session immediately following the lessons. There is no charge for admission to the Open Skate Session immediately following your lesson. This offer is only good the day of your lesson and cannot be transferred to another day or session. We look forward to seeing you around the rink soon.

  4. Sharon lesko says:

    Taking my eight year old daughter,tomorrow for skating lessons.I have back problems I am 50,so it is hard to help her.I am excited to know she will catch up with kids her own age.

    • How did it go? We’re so glad to offer a solution for you. Kids love our skate lessons and they really get a jump on skating. Thank you for bringing her to Great Skate. We look forward to many more visits to come.

  5. Sharon battoe says:

    I’m an old artistic skater looking for a place to skate again do u have a competitive club? Or who does in St. Louis area. Also do you have a wooden floor? Thx

    • We had a competitive club, however recently our coach moved out of town and we are looking for a new coach. We do have a wood floor with an appoxy coating. You’re welcome to come check it out.


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