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STEM Field Trips at Great Skate!

Fun and Educational all rolled in to one GREAT Experience!

We, at Great Skate are so excited to have recently launched an educational field trip program that immerses students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The STEM concepts are related to the fun world of Roller Skating, where students will learn that STEM is all around them, it is not just a concept found in science labs.
The students participate in 45 minutes to an hour of hands on STEM activities. After the lesson, the students will participate in the physical fitness activity of roller skating. We offer 8 fun and engaging lessons for grades K-12. Here is a video of our STEM Field Trip in action; I know you’ll be impressed:


Educators and Students alike, love our STEM Field Trip program.

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Teachers share their thoughts:

Students tell us:

  • “That was the BEST Field Trip I’ve ever been on!”
  • “I had so much fun!”

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To learn more about our STEM Field Trips, Lessons offered or how to schedule your STEM Field Trip, please contact our office at 636-441-2530 and check out our STEM Field Trip Flyer.

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