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STEM Field Trips for Elementary and Middle Schools!

Booking for 2018 – 2019 school year now!  Call 636-441-2530 now for more information on rates, dates and lesson options:  motion, friction, gravity, light, sound, engineering, technology, shapes, formulas, and much MORE!

Check out this great video!




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  1. Will you be planning another hover board night soon?

    • Hello April. Thank you for this great question. While we do not have another Hoverboard Night planned for the Spring, we are looking into hosting another event in the late fall. We do have an email list for hoverboard events, and we would be happy to keep you updated so that you’ll be the first to hear about potential dates.

  2. Can you please give an approximate cost for a party of 50 to 100 scouts, siblings and parents for a winter activity option. I can then run it by our committee and set up a date.

    • Nick,
      Please contact our office so we can give you an accurate quote. There are many variables for an event quote: public or private, time/date, is it a fundraiser or party/event etc. You can call us at 636-441-2530 or email us directly at greatskaterocks@yahoo.com. I would love to assist you in getting your scout group set up. We do offer scout programs that help scouts achieve goals as well. I am happy to share information about those.


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