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We understand that the Skate Belt Loop is retired.  Therefore we have added STEM to our program to help the Cub Scouts achieve some goals:

Advancement Requirements:   We hope these activities will help them to complete some requirements for the following:
• Make It Move – Bears (motion experiment; how force, such as friction and gravity impacts motion)
• Adventures in Science – Webelos (motion experiment; how force, such as friction and gravity impacts motion)
• Engineer – Webelos (blueprint is exploding parts view of a skate, they’ll take apart a skate, design own skate, making own blueprint or parts view).






STEM Field Trips for Elementary and Middle Schools!

Booking for 2018 – 2019 school year now!  Call 636-441-2530 now for more information on rates, dates and lesson options:  motion, friction, gravity, light, sound, engineering, technology, shapes, formulas, and much MORE!

Check out this great video!







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  1. Can you please give an approximate cost for a party of 50 to 100 scouts, siblings and parents for a winter activity option. I can then run it by our committee and set up a date.

    • Nick,
      Please contact our office so we can give you an accurate quote. There are many variables for an event quote: public or private, time/date, is it a fundraiser or party/event etc. You can call us at 636-441-2530 or email us directly at greatskaterocks@yahoo.com. I would love to assist you in getting your scout group set up. We do offer scout programs that help scouts achieve goals as well. I am happy to share information about those.


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