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Whether you’re looking for an exciting reward field trip, a brush-up on math skills before MAP testing, or an engaging way to reinforce curriculum concepts from your particular classroom, STEM field trips are a great way to extend learning beyond the school building!  We offer a variety of STEM presentations ranging from a general application of STEM concepts in the roller rink to specifically how math, music, Newton’s laws of motion, the science of soundwaves, or nutrition and exercise incorporate STEM concepts applicable to skating.   STEM field trips include your selected STEM presentation, a skate session, and time to eat lunch.  Skate rental is included and teachers may skate free of charge!

Educators and students alike love our STEM field trip program.

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Teachers share their thoughts:

Mr. Christopher Campbell of Central Elementary

Mrs. Cento of Green Tree Elementary

Mr. Grimshaw of Geggie Elementary

Students tell us:

“I had so much fun!”

“Best field trip ever!”


Check out this video of our STEM Field Trip program in action:    RSA STEM Field Trip Commercial

We offer two STEM field trip packages:

2.5 Hour Program: Includes STEM presentation, skate session, skate rental (quad or inline) and skate trainers (balance aid).  School groups depart to eat lunch at a local park or back at school.

3.0 Hour Program: Includes STEM presentation, skate session, skate rental (quad or inline), skate trainers (balance aid) and time to eat lunch.

Sack lunch: Students bring their sack lunches with them and may share our seating area for a community lunch before their departure.

Hot lunch: Students may purchase our pizza lunch package (pizza slice, small drink, pudding cup) and are typically served by class to eat together during the skate session.  Teachers and chaperones may purchase pizza lunch, too!

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Once we get closer to your STEM field trip date, we can confirm number of students and adults or any other details for your program.